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Rapid Electrics - Solar installation

Solar Panel installation


Rapid Electrics offers a tailored design and installation system of high quality solar PV systems, installed by our own qualified technicians.

PV System Design

Rapid Electrics Solar InstallationRapid Electrics design solar PV systems to make best use of the available space and to suit your budget. We always aim to maximise the yield of a PV system and in every case will provide you with an illustration of the estimated output of the system before you commit to buy.


Rapid Electrics will ensure your PV system is fitted to the required MCS standard and with minimal disruption. Each installation team is headed by a fully qualified electrician to ensure that the system integrates seamlessly with your existing electrical supply and complies with all relevant electrical safety standards. Comprehensive health and safety procedures and ongoing training ensure that we operate with the minimum risk to our employees, customers and the general public.


Rapid Electrics only source products from reputable manufacturers with fully transferable product warranties.


Rapid Electrics commitment to high quality design and installation expertise is recognised in our accreditations.  Under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Rapid Electrics is an approved installer of solar photovoltaic systems.  Rapid Electrics also holds NICEIC approved electrical contractor status.

Domestic Solar PV installation

An installation on a south facing house roof. This installation would be limited by either your budget or the size of the roof.
A medium sized domestic solar pv installation could be 2 kW of solar panels.

This would be 12 solar panels, each panel being about 1 metre by 1.3 metres. The overall price would typically be about 12.500 and include equipment, installation and connection to the mains.

The Benefits

  • Rapid Electrics Solar InstallationGenerate your own electricity with photovoltaic solar panels.
  • PV Feed in Tariff, Tax Free Income,Guaranteed by the Government
  • Potentially Save & Earn 100,000 plus over 25 years!
  • Only valid for MCS certificated installations.

Solar Electricity Benefits Cut your electricity bills: sunlight does not cost a penny, once the initial installation is paid for your electricity costs will be reduced significantly. Solar power can cover around 40% of the average home's year electricity needs. Cut your carbon footprint: solar electricity is a renewable, green energy system; this means it doesn't release harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants. Sell your electricity back to the grid: if you can't use all the power the system is producing or at the time when you don't need it you can make money by selling the extra electricity back to the national grid. Store electricity for the cloudy days: if your not connected to the national grid you could store excess electricity you generate in batteries for later use when you need it.

How does home solar power work? Power for your home is made through something called the photovoltaic (PV) effect, this is where light (photons) is converted into electricity (voltage). This is the same process that happens inside a solar powered calculator but scaled up to generate larger amount of electricity. Also against populate belief modern panels will work in the UK climate and don't need direct sunlight to produce electricity.

This process takes place within PV cells which are panels that can be attached to the roof or walls of your home. These cells are made from one of two layers of semiconducting material.

The solar power panels first go through a power inverter that converts the DC electricity produced into the Alternating Current (AC) electricity. This converts the electricity into the same standard that is provided by the national grid to your home. This AC electricity is connected to you home via the solar power collector, this links the panels to the fuse box and electric meter. The meter monitors how much energy has been produced and how much energy is sold back to the national grid.

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